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About Us

Ashka Warwick Co-Founder

I have always believed that a healthy outside starts from the inside. Growing up in a small seaside town in rural New Zealand I became accustomed to homegrown produce. Always having an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in our backyard has given me my passion for food, something I now love sharing with my son.
Working in childcare as a nanny for over 8 years I have cooked for a diverse range of families, all with different nutritional needs and a variety of ages. This included introducing babies to solids, getting even the fussiest toddlers to eat a varied diet while creating an array of wholesome meals for the family.

Amy Nixon Co-Founder

I grew up playing in the mud, eating homegrown veggies and collecting eggs from the chooks. Eating healthy was something I took for granted, but since having two little kids of my own, while trying to juggle a high-stress job (and a hyperactive dog), I have a new appreciation for healthy meals that can be prepared in a hurry. With a background in teaching and early childhood education, I have seen first-hand the impact nutrition has on a child’s development. We all want the best for our children and I strongly believe we shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

As parents, we want the best for our children and nutrition is no exception. Finding enough hours in the day to cook nutritious meals for our little ones can be quite a task. Sometimes you just need the convenience of having something ready made. Meals that don’t contain all the nasties and don’t have long lists of ingredient that we don’t understand. Just good honest food that is naturally yummy. By making food fresh and snap freezing it, the food retains all of its nutritional value - unlike packaged food with a long shelf life.

Having a variety of perfectly portioned frozen meals for your smallest family members will take some of the pressure away and you can rest easy knowing they are eating something nutritious and tasty.

Food should be exciting, fun & stress-free. Developing children’s’ taste buds & letting them explore food is an important step in creating healthy food habits. So let us do the hard work for you so that you have more time to enjoy them...


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