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Meet Our Suppliers

Neat Meat, the same delectable meat cuts you find in the kitchens of New Zealand's finest restaurants. Neat Meat is family owned and operated by the Eriksen’s, a family steeped in farming tradition. Animal welfare is paramount to Neat Meat: “The highest quality meat products come from animals that have been looked after.”

Waitoa is New Zealand’s favourite nutritious and delicious free-range chicken. For over ten years, Waitoa have been raising free-range chickens, in the rolling, green valleys of the Waikato. From sunrise to sunset, their farmers care for their animals and that’s why every Waitoa chicken carries the trusted SPCA blue tick of quality.

At Best Bones Broth, sources the BEST local Certified Organic bones and use Certified Organic NZ Apple Cider Vinegar to draw out all the goodness to make a nourishing and wholesome broth. 

We handcraft our broth in small batches retaining all the nutrients. Our broth is always gelatinous so you know you are getting the good stuff! Gut Health is a major part of our lives and we know from personal experience how beneficial a quality Bone Broth can be and how it's simple curative properties can bring amazing improvements to overall health. 

Mangawhai Honey believes the secret to premium honey is caring for your craft and environment. At the heart of their business are responsible practices. Minimal hives are found on each Mānuka block, allowing plenty of space for the bees to thrive. Each Spring, bee keeper Louis is doing his bit to support an eco-system, planting Mānuka, Kānuka, Harakeke and Tī Kouka. A family-owned sawmill onsite ensures the hives can be built from recycled, untreated timber. 

 Lewis Road Creamery was founded by Peter Cullinane in 2011 with the desire to create butter that New Zealanders could be proud of.

Their focus is simple, to make products as they should be, without compromise. Since the launch of butter, Lewis Road Creamery has filled the chillers with everything from pure organic milk and cream to fresh flavoured milk made with real ingredients and the creamiest ice cream you’ll try made with free-range eggs. Dairy really should be this wonderful. 

oob organic founders, Robert and Shannon Auton believe there is a place for quality organic products in a competitive food market, where quality, taste and health are important. Based in Omaha, New Zealand and home to the oob organic blueberry orchard, the brand is committed to honest, premium product made the right way. The orchard performs two quite distinct roles: Producing organic fresh blueberries during the summer season for domestic markets as well as organic frozen fruit, smoothie mixes and organic ice cream and sorbet for retail.

Buying organic is just a simple step toward a healthier and more delicious way of life. Organic food is prepared or grown without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Organic fruit is likely to be higher in vitamins and minerals as the fruit has not been drained of their goodness through the use of chemicals or genetic engineering.

All oob organic products are Asurequality organic certified.