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Self Isolating With Kids

Ideas For Keeping Busy During Isolation 

We thought we would share what COVID-19 isolation looks like for us. Both Amy and I have small children, 4 under the age of 6, not to mention energetic fur babies. As parents we know the challenges that come with being in a confined space with our kiddies. Both of our households are keeping things fun and lighthearted, specially during this uncertain time. Here are some of the things we're doing with our little ones... 

    • Show and tell. Get the whole family involved in show and tell. This is always a highlight of my son's week at daycare. First, choosing an item, standing up and talking about what it is, where it came from, what it can do. As a family you can each choose something to share. 
    • Cooking. Kids love getting involved in the kitchen. Make it fun and stress free, try not to worry about the end result. You can always give them their own 'ingredients' to mix together while you are cooking. 
    • Treasure hunt. This is always a fun activity. You can get the kids to stretch their legs, find different coloured items or different shaped objects. Make it educational.
    • Picnics are always a great idea. Indoors, outdoors, you can even create a tent to sit in. Grab a rug, some cushions, even your child's favourite teddy bear and share a picnic style lunch together.
    • Obstacle course. Build the kid's very own ninja warrior course. Using their body and mind, this high energy activity gets the creative juices flowing and ignites their imaginations. Pretend the ground is hot lava that they can't touch, use cushions as stepping stones, chairs to climb over and tables to crawl through.
    • Chalk art. If you have chalk and masking tape at home you can create colourful master pieces with the kids. Using the tape to make a pattern, get the kids to chalk within the lines, removing the tape when finished. 
    • Yoga. Mindfulness and relaxation for the whole family. Yoga is a fantastic practice for children. Create a quiet relaxing space and use towels if you don't have yoga mats at home. Yoga improves strength and flexibility and helps to balance body and mind.   
Stay safe everyone
Ashka & Amy xx