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No Cook Baby Purees

Top 5 no cook purees for your little one.

Congratulations on starting your baby’s food journey, now the fun begins. Here are 5 ideas for baby purees without all the steaming and slow cooking. Banana is a fantastic base to non cook purees, quick to prepare, easy to digest and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. 

  1. Banana and avocado. Both power houses of nutrients
  2. Mango, banana and ricotta. Ricotta is a good starting point for introducing food to babies. Use with fruit or veggies
  3. Yoghurt and mango
  4. Blueberry and banana
  5. Banana with tofu. Tofu is an excellent high-protein alternative to meat and is rich in many nutrients, including iron, potassium and calcium.   

When your baby is ready for protein we have 3 yummy purees ready to go. Frozen for your convenience and packaged in a handy resealable pouch. Checkout our puree range: