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Has your toddler gone off veggies?

Children go through all sorts of phases when it comes to food. One minute they love something, the next minute they are pushing their plate away. When it comes to veggies my toddler doesn’t exactly jump at the thought of steamed greens so I have had to come up with fun ways to get vegetables into his diet.

Here are a few ways to get veggies into your little one…

  • Noodles. This is a dish my Mum has been making since I was little, so simple, quick to make and my little guy loves it. Sauté cabbage, grated carrot, noodles, soy sauce and sesame seed oil. YUM!! and I usually add chicken.
  • Smoothies. Great way to add raw veg into their diet. Spinach, broccoli, carrot and cucumber along with fruits, chia seeds, nuts, natural yoghurt, dates and I use almond milk.
  • Quiche. There is something about pastry, creamy eggy mixture and cheese that is so delicious. You can add just about anything to a quiche whether it is mushrooms, cooked kumara, steamed broccoli, courgettes, tomatoes, cooked chicken, bacon the possibilities are endless.
  • Beef Mince. Whether you are cooking bolognese or lasagna add grated carrot, mushrooms or grated courgette to the mix. When making lasagna I like to add a layer of spinach.
  • Mash. My little one loves mashed potato, I mix it up by adding kumara, pumpkin, carrot or cooked peas.   

Eating with your toddler and sharing the same meals will encourage them to try new things.